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James 1:27

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I’m going to twist your arm in this piece (more like your heart), but I’m sure the Lord is with me in this. It’s time for the annual commodities outreach at Potter Children’s Home. Now, first off, I want to commend everyone because in the past we have had a good response for this effort. Even the brothers who’ve come to pick up our gift have been surprised at how much we have given. This is all to the glory of Christ.

We usually talk about this by saying that the Potter’s truck will be in our area during a certain week. And the van or box truck with trailer rolls up in front of the building, our gift is loaded on and whisked off to the Home in Kentucky. Mike follows soon after with our check for perishable items. This year, let’s view this differently.

Let’s picture a tour bus pulling up in front of the building and all those children pouring out of the bus and lining up to come into the building and carry out our gift. Let’s see each one of them heading out the door loaded down. Some of them have to come back to get the rest of our gift. It’s so easy in interacting with these distant works and ministries to be impersonal. “It’s a children’s home in Kentucky. I’ll get a couple of boxes of cereal and a bag of chocolate chips. That ought to do.”

Jesus associated with the lowly, the outcasts and the marginalized. He had no where to lay His head (Matthew 8:19-20). There was reason for this: because the corrupted world had created the greedy and the power-brokers who not only failed to have compassion on the poor but oppressed them even more! No wonder scripture is filled with the Lord’s disgust with and rebuke of those who did such things.

We, again, have opportunity to help some kids who’ve been abused, lost their parents; who’ve felt the sting of being unwanted. Single moms trying to get their lives back together. These are close to God’s heart. Will you let them into yours?

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