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The Last Shall Be First

Matthew 19: 27-30

The kingdom which Jesus came to build was not to be like any political, economic or religious system on earth. It was to be different from top to bottom. Even a casual reading of His words reveals that the usual markers of importance such as wealth, power, heritage and position which formed the foundation of worldly systems were to be replaced with sacrifice, love, humility and service. Jesus came to make the last first, and the first, last. Jesus came to ...

...give peace to the troubled, but to trouble those at peace

...raise up the fallen, but to bring down those lifted up

...comfort the grief stricken, but to give grief to those at ease

...yoke together with the weak, but to break the yoke of the oppressor

...give sight to the blind, but cause those who see to become sightless

...provide great riches to the poor, but show the rich to be penniless

...empower the powerless, but to bring down those in power

...give wisdom to the uneducated, but to show the wisdom of the wise to be foolish

...give righteousness to the sinner, but to reveal the vileness of the righteous

...give honor to the humble, but to shame the proud

...bring joy to the sorrowful, but sorrow to the reveler

...provide clarity to the confused, but confusion to those who have it all together

...preach good news to the downtrodden, but ruin to those who walk on others

...give life to the dead, but death to those who are living it up

It would do the church of today well to examine herself in light of Jesus’ words. How does He find us?

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