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Holy Discontent

Some people find what Jesus did in the temple to the money changers inconsistent with His character. They find it difficult to see the Jesus who said that He was meek and lowly in heart, who gave Himself up to the temple authorities, and who would not defend Himself before Pilate to act with such physical force. But He did!

It isn’t difficult to see what Jesus did here, but we must look at the dust under the money changer’s tables to ascertain the why. The temple precincts had become a marketplace where men did business and animals were brought in, kept tied or in pens, and were being sold to the people who wanted or needed a sacrifice to offer to the Lord God. The money changers exchanged the money of the business world (Greek, Roman, etc.) for Jewish coins which were the only ones accepted in the temple. There are indications both historical and scriptural (Mark 11:17) that a wholesale fleecing of the pilgrims was going on through exorbitant prices and exchange fees being charged. The temple authorities had turned sacred ground into a way to make money to perpetuate their own religion (and thereby their own positions of power) at the expense of those who wanted to worship the Almighty!

No wonder Jesus became filled with zeal! He saw the purpose of His Father’s house corrupted and more barriers erected between God and men. And Jesus came to remove all barriers.

What provokes your indignation these days? When all world religions are promoted as being equal? When the writings of human beings are given equal status with the Bible or even elevated above it? When some in Christendom claim there are many different ways a person can be saved? When the idea of absolute truth is laughed at or thousands of babies are aborted every day? What is it for you?

Let us have the zeal of Christ and stand up for truth, defend the helpless, and proclaim the good news of the loving Lamb of God who came to be the sacrifice for sins and give life to the world.

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