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I Forgot

Hebrews 13:3; James 1:25

We have all done it, that is forgotten something. And we’ve all said it: “I forgot.” Forgetfulness is one of the weaknesses of the flesh, I believe, and one of the signs of the times.

To be able to remember is a precious gift from God. It is presumed in the scriptures that people can and should remember things. Imagine going out your door in the morning and not being able to remember where you were going or what you were going to do! (Some of us older folks do this now!) You could not remember how to open the door on your vehicle nor how to start it - even what it was supposed to do!! You looked around you and wondered where you were. You looked in your wallet and wondered what all the cards were for and the green pieces of paper with numbers and faces on them. Without the ability to remember, we could not function.

The word teaches us to be people who remember. We are to remember the commands of God in order to do them. We are to remember certain people in distress so as to pray for and help them. The word is to be in our hearts to avoid sin (Psalm 119:11). But all too often we fail at these things and use the excuse: “I forgot.”

Remembering is like everything else in life. “Don’t tell me what your priorities are in life. Just tell me where you spend your time and money.” We remember what’s important to us. It’s that simple. I know, I know, sometimes emergencies come up, and we really do forget, but this doesn’t happen as often as we think.

Here’s why we forget. We are consumed with ourselves and don’t take steps to remember. Announcements are made before the assembly and in meetings about people to pray for and various happenings. Do we take notes for reminders? A bulletin and calendar are passed out. Do we read them and use them? We all have a Bible (maybe several). Do we read it regularly to be reminded of what our Lord has instructed us to be and do? Don’t be a forgetful hearer but a doer. What if God forgot you?! - 2 Timothy 2:19

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