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Noah and His Ark

Genesis 5:28 - 9:19

Recently on vacation, we had the opportunity to go to the “Ark Encounter” in Kentucky where a life-size representation of Noah’s ark has been built. (This isn’t really a replica since no one knows all of the details of the ark’s construction.) From a distance one can tell that the ark is huge, but standing next to it before you go inside one can see what a colossal undertaking this was. I’m not talking about the building of this structure in Kentucky (although this took a few years) but Noah’s building of the actual ark! No wonder scripture suggests that it took about 100 to 120 years.

Several thoughts and impressions have come to my mind as a result of this “encounter.” I wish to share two of them here. First, because of the mammoth size of this never-been-built-before project and the prospect of a never-happened-before event (rain and flood), I am amazed at Noah’s faith (Hebrews 11:7). What must have gone through his mind when God said to him: “Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood...”? Perhaps, “What’s an ark, Lord? What’s it for?” And when God said he was bringing a flood of waters on the earth to destroy all flesh, what did Noah think? Perhaps, “What’s a flood?” And how many mornings in those hundred years of mornings did he wake up and wonder, “Is this really what God wants me doing with my life? I just can’t imagine that much water.” It made me wonder.

The second thought I wish to share is that God called upon Noah to help salvage the human race. He could have just “zapped” all of the wicked or sent some terrible plague to destroy them, but he didn’t. He employed Noah to save his family (and thus mankind) and the animals. This brought home to me the truth that we all have a crucial part to play in this fight against evil. God has done and continues to do His part, but he has left a part for each of us to play.

Has God called you to “build” something? Does it look like an impossible task? Never done it before? Guess it’s time to pray and get to work. God is counting on you.

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