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Another Church Shooting

By now, we’ve all heard about the shooting at the church in Tennessee. This time, however, it’s a congregation of our own brotherhood which has been victimized. One sister dead. Several others wounded, the minister being in critical condition. One young brother who was serving as an usher has emerged as a man of courage by engaging with the shooter and bringing the rampage to an end. Please continue to pray for the Burnette Chapel church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee.

After we have heard the initial reports of such shootings and been informed of the extent of the carnage, one of the first questions which jumps into our minds is “Why?” We want to know what would cause one human being just to start shooting other human beings without any apparent provocation. The answers are sometimes rather straight forward but other times very complicated. In either case, the answers always end up at the same place.

Was the shooter on drugs? Prescription or illegal? Was alcohol involved? Was there a history of violent criminal activity? Was this person some kind of terrorist out to kill “infidels?” Was there some history with this shooter and the congregation? Were there some unresolved issues there? Perhaps he was at odds with one person in the church? What about revenge?

Whatever the factors involved, they all lead back to one place: sin. With sin in the world, very little functions as it should. Greed, pride, lust and fear become major driving forces. As lovers of themselves, people care little for others, and promote their own selfish agendas. No self-control, living lies, and trying to control others are the order of the day. We could go on.

What to do? Evil happens so be prepared. Have your life in order. Let the Holy Spirit bear His fruit in you. Help others find the Lord. Pray without ceasing. Live without fear. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Trust your heavenly Father.

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