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Gods Who Are Not Gods

Isaiah 37:14-20

The army of Assyria had been on a southward march of total destruction. Like a mighty flood (Isaiah 8:6-8), the Assyrian hordes engulfed all nations in their path. No army could stand against them.

When King Hezekiah received a threatening letter from the King of Assyria, he took it before the Lord and prayed for deliverance, acknowledging that the gods of the nations which Assyria had overrun had been cast into the fire because, in fact, they were not gods but merely the work of men’s hands. Hezekiah was appealing to the true God to save his kingdom from Assyrian slaughter and to demonstrate “that You alone, Lord, are God.”

The gods of those nations which Assyria had crushed were powerless since they were fashioned out of wood, stone and metal. They were simply artifacts without mind or breath, only gods in the minds of those who worshiped them. However, do not men and women even today create their own gods and look to them for deliverance?

“Poor human race! Poor pathetic, blind and deaf human race. We can’t cure ourselves, can’t guide ourselves, can’t control ourselves or save ourselves. We manufacture gods out of everything we can think of and then fall down before them and say to them, ‘Deliver us.’ We make them out of metal and stone and plastic and computer chips, out of intellectual power and emotional drives. We make them in the shape of tanks and smart and dirty bombs, college buildings and scientific laboratories. We make them march and kill, burn and destroy, weep and die. We build shrines and become shrines, we sweat and toil, give up in despair and sleep only to waken to more of the same.”

–Jim McGuiggan, The God Who Commands the Impossible

There is only one God who can protect, save and deliver. He is God of all gods. Is He your God? Put your trust in Him.

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