• Jeff Kent

What's a Woman to Do?

Proverbs 14:1

Every so often we hear somebody opine that there isn’t much for a woman to do in service to the Lord Jesus. If we take a close look at scripture, we will quickly see that women have had significant roles and performed invaluable service to God through the ages.

Eve - the mother of all living

Sarah - by faith she received power to conceive the child of promise

Rebekah - left home to wed Isaac and bear two peoples

Zipporah - saved Moses’ life

Miriam - prophetess who led the women in praising God

Rahab - hid the spies and preserved her family

Deborah - a judge who provided leadership

Jael - laid a trap and killed the wicked Sisera

Ruth - her inward beauty erased racial lines

Hannah - woman of faith who trusted in the Lord God

Abigail - in pleading for her husband’s life, she kept David from bloodguilt

Esther - courageously risked her life to save her people

Mary - servant of the Lord, mother of Jesus

Mary and Martha - provided friendship and a safe haven

Mary Magdalene - helped support Jesus from her own means

Dorcas - full of good works for those in need

Lydia - opened her house to Paul and his companions

Priscilla - helped to teach Apollos

Lois and Eunice - women of the faith who reared an evangelist

Phoebe - servant of the church

Euodia and Syntyche - laborers in the gospel

This is no exhaustive list. Praise the Lord for women of faith who are ready for every good work! We need more of them.


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