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Ephesians 4:17-19; 5:6-10

Sitting here reflecting upon the current state of things in the world (as I am aware of them), I am at peace. Considering all of the trouble and evil around us, I am somewhat surprised (thankfully so) at this peace, but I know that it does not come from myself.

As I survey just the happenings of recent days, there is much about which to be troubled. Three hurricanes have devastated thousands of peoples’ lives. There has been a shooting in one of our brotherhood churches in which one sister died. There was a mass shooting in Las Vegas in which 58 died and over 500 were wounded. An epidemic of opioid drug addiction and attendant overdose deaths is entrenched in our area and in much of the country. Planned Parenthood continues to promote the death of babies in the womb. One elementary school on the West coast is moving forward with teaching transgenderism to kindergarten kids. The fires of the LGBT movement continue to be fed by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) through propaganda and slick advertising. Our Congress is locked up in partisan chains. Right-wing racists and left-wing anarchists trumpet their messages, protest and riot. Et al.

Obviously, such things upset me (as they do you), so how can I be at peace? Because I have been made to know the reason for such evils and who is the answer for them. It’s not a mystery, and we Christians should not be wondering about such things. As Paul writes about the Gentiles (pagans who don’t know Jesus), their understanding is darkened through their self-imposed ignorance due to their hard hearts. Because they reject the truths of life, they indulge in all sorts of evil, impure behavior.

The answer? Jesus. The light of understanding (the truth about the realities of life) is found in Jesus and His word. This Light, when it is followed, leads to lifestyles which are both good and righteous. Jesus is honored. God blesses. Evil wanes. People prosper in every way. Peace results. We have much work to do.

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