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The Gift of Life

Genesis 2:7

Few of us pause from our full and hurried lives to reflect upon how we came to be here. We just kind of assume our existence. We certainly realize that our moms and dads were instrumental in our conception, birth and upbringing. We may concur with biblical teaching that we were created by God and are not some type of advanced arthropods who have come to be accidentally upon the earth. However, have we ever paused to consider the implications of the words of Genesis 2:7? Please take time to read this.

We note first of all that the creation of man is an act of God Himself. It was His will to create the human race, and unless that desire had been in His heart, we would not be here! (We are not attempting here to address God’s purposes in doing this.) David takes that thought to the individual level when he speaks of God’s forming him in his mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-15). Truly, God has formed every one of us.

And this corresponds with our next thought from Genesis 2:7, that God “formed man of dust from the ground.” This indicates something different in the creation of man than with the animals of which scripture says that God just spoke them into existence. This certainly is no small feat, but the one man Adam was formed by God.

Then we read that God did something of which it is not said of any other living thing. He “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” We know that all life and breath comes from God (Psalm 104:27-30), but this appears to be something special and intimate which God did with the man whom He had formed. God personally breathed life into him! What a marvelous and thrilling thought! God personally willed, personally formed and personally gave life to Adam, our ancestor. How incredibly special is life!

We conclude that life is a gift from God. You and I are gifts from God. We are here simply because He wants us to be here! What a glorious gift! What a glorious God! Praise Him!

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