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When God Shuts it Down

Matthew 14:22-23

Do you wonder about things, and ask questions about the why and how of what happens? I do a lot of that. Recently, one of my previous questions came to mind again when we had to cancel our Sunday assemblies due to weather conditions. We’ve had to do this before, and other congregations have done the same. But here’s my question: If the Lord’s Day assembly around His table is so important, why does God allow bad weather and other circumstances to keep His people from getting together? Ever thought of that?

Is it a test? Should we try to make it no matter how severe the weather? Do we jettison the common sense and wisdom which the Lord gave us and sally forth in dangerous conditions? And what is considered “dangerous”? For elderly folks and those who live out on county/township roads and those who don’t own all-wheel drive vehicles and those with infants, etc., the definition is different.

So is God unconcerned about the Lord’s Day when the storm howls, or is He perhaps doing something else? I had these thoughts when our Sunday services were cancelled. Shirley and I had our “assembly” at the dining room table. It was very personal, intimate and uplifting. Jesus was there with us. While eating lunch, we watched out the back door as the ice crystals danced in the air reflecting the much-appreciated sun. It was quite a show. And we marveled at the quiet. Hardly anything moving - people, vehicles. God had shut things down. It was time to stop, reflect and be in awe.

In our text, we find one of the instances in which Jesus wanted to be alone as well. He sent away the crowds. He compelled His disciples to get in a boat and cross the lake. He went up on the mountain to pray - He and His Father alone. We all need this time with our God alone. Even the very vital Lord’s Day assembly does not provide us time alone with our Lord. When God “shuts everything down,” He is giving us a different worship opportunity. “Be still, and know that I am God.”

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