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Acts 11:26

We have all seen them - personalized license plates. Perhaps you have them. People order these plates to particularly identify themselves or bring them some recognition as to who they are or what they do. Personal initials are popular. We also see such monikers as EMT, GRMMA, MOMTAXI, etc. We want folks to recognize us and to know something about us.

Now where God is concerned, He does not need for us to tell Him anything about ourselves. Paul writes: “The Lord knows those who are His...” (2 Timothy 2:19). He knows those who are His sheep, and He knows all about each one of His sheep!

Also, the Lord has given His people a name to wear by which they can be recognized. It is an honorable and noble name (James 2:7). It is the only name given in the New Testament for Jesus’ disciples to wear. It is the name CHRISTIAN (Acts 11:26).

When worn by an individual the name Christian does two things. First, it glorifies Christ Jesus. He is honored in that this person has chosen to believe in Him and be one of His followers. Secondly, that person is recognized as one who belongs to Christ and has given themselves in service to God’s Anointed.

In the early days of the church when there was violent persecution by the Roman authorities (often to death), the name Christian had great power. When the officers attempted to persuade believers to offer incense to Caesar and repeat “Caesar is Lord,” the frequent response to them was: “Christianus sum!” This simply translates, “I am a Christian.” That was their answer. It said it all.

In some countries today, Christians are hated and persecuted. Even in our own country, people who wear the name Christian are despised by many because of what it stands for: a creator God who has given us a moral code, pro-life, man-woman marriage, etc.

The name Christian is still powerful - powerful because of the Christ who stands behind it. Wear it with honor.

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