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Minimum Coverage

Mark 10:17-31

Automobile insurance companies are some of the most prolific advertisers on television. They are all saying you can save more by switching to their product. Another message used to get customers is to stress that you can get the “minimum coverage” with their company so you can drive legally. Minimum coverage would generally cost you the least in premiums (which is what many drivers are looking for), but it may not be sufficient for your particular vehicle, driving habits or location.

When it comes to serving God and being a disciple of Jesus, many people are looking for “minimum coverage” - doing only what is absolutely necessary to receive eternal life. The rich man who came to Jesus (see our scripture) appears to have been such a person.

He asks what sounds like a good question on the surface, but as the conversation unfolds we can see that he was really asking about the least he had to do to inherit eternal life. When Jesus had told him to keep certain of the commandments, his heart probably leapt for joy since he declared that he had kept these from the time he was young. But following the ways of God has always been about more than keeping commandments, and Jesus takes the young man to the next level- above the minimum.

Jesus tells this man that he lacked one thing and needed to go sell all he had, give to the poor and come and follow Him. Then, he would have “treasure in heaven.” The young man became disheartened and went away sorrowful for he had much property. His possessions possessed him - not the other way around!

When it comes to having faith in God and following Jesus, there are no minimums. We either serve Jesus or we don’t. We are either for Him or against Him. We either listen to His voice or we don’t. We’re either all in or we’re not.

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