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This past weekend (as of this writing), Don and I went to the airport to welcome our wives back from their trip and bring them home. (The transporting of luggage was also involved in this venture.) As we were waiting for their flight to come in (it had been delayed a couple of times), we were watching the people arriving from other flights. People-watching is entertaining as well as informative.

Most of the people arriving did not have anyone meeting them. They were most likely changing planes, business travelers, or someone visiting the city for some special event. Other arrivers were, however, met by family or friends with great excitement. There were shouts, squeals of joy, smiles and plenty of hugs. It was quite obvious they had been greatly missed and probably had been away from one another for a considerable time.

Then, there was another group of travelers. Standing in one place were the “limo” drivers dressed in their black liveries.

They were waiting for travelers whom they had never met. How do we know this? They were holding up signs which had a name on it (some were using tablets in the same way) in order to get the attention of the arriving passenger whom they were supposed to pick up. Such travelers were strangers to those greeting them.

As I was watching all of these arriving travelers, my mind went to the welcoming of the Christian at the end of his/her journey. There would not be any problem with identification - no one standing there with a sign with a name on it to get your attention. As Paul writes, “the Lord knows those who are His.” He has been with us and helped us for our entire journey, so when we arrive He’ll know who we are. And there will be plenty of smiles, hugs, shouts of joy and maybe a “holy kiss” or two. Homecoming. Put down that baggage. The trek is over. Friends and family to greet. A Savior to meet. What a day that will be! What a day.

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