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Have you ever contemplated snow? It is another of God’s fantastic creations. When you mention “snow” to a lot of people, the response is negative. Nobody likes to drive in it. You have to shovel it. When it melts, it creates a sloppy mess. And it comes with the cold. We tend not to like the cold.

Let us consider snow. How does snow form? Your friendly meteorologist will tell you the necessary conditions and give a scientific explanation. But for me, there must be more. For example, if every snowflake is formed from water (and all water has the exact same chemical composition), then why are no two snowflakes the same? Why are their crystalline structures all different? Shouldn’t they all be the same? Is this perhaps God’s way of reinforcing the idea that although all people are of one blood, no two are the same?

When snow falls, it covers everything - a white blanket. It hides the dirt on your car, potholes, litter, and that pile of brush you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Everything is white, so white that in the day you often need sunglasses to shield your eyes. A reminder of our sins and the power of God to remove them? “Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow;” (Isaiah 1:18).

It muffles sounds, and just seems to create a different ambiance as it falls. It brings a feeling of peace to anyone who will pause and watch it fall. Is this one of God’s ways of telling the whole world to stop, slow down and consider what you are doing? Is God telling us in a kind way that He still controls it all?

Then there is the beauty of the snow. Aside from its glorious white color, it creates designs and works of beauty which take our breath away and which are constantly photographed and painted by artists. Who doesn’t own a calendar which has a picture of a hillside of snow-covered trees or a chickadee in a snowy pine?

Snow is a work of God with many messages.Consider the snow.What is God teaching us?

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