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Anytime, Anywhere

            From time to time, I read newsletters from various brotherhood ministries about their efforts at spreading the gospel.  Pictures of believers being baptized are usually included, and as I’ve viewed them, I’m always struck by the absolute wisdom of God in His design for baptism into Christ.  The scriptures teach that a hearing of the gospel, faith in Christ and repentance must precede baptism.  But we’re not talking about that.  The scriptures also teach that baptism into Christ brings forgiveness of sin, a clothing in His righteousness, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  But we’re not talking about that either.

            What strikes me is that such a momentous occasion in a person’s life could happen anytime, anywhere.  Baptism into Christ is the exact point at which a person passes from death to life and is transferred from Satan’s darkness into the kingdom of God’s Son.  But all you need for it is enough water for dunking and someone to do it!

            These pictures show people being baptized in all types of water venues.  Baptisteries; swimming pools; dirty river water; the ocean; creeks; lakes.  One picture showed a baptism in a 50-gallon drum!  When the gospel is proclaimed and a soul is moved to faith, God made it possible to be saved right then and right there!  Just find the water.

            In our scripture, Philip has been busy preaching the gospel and baptizing folks in Samaria, but through an angel and the Holy Spirit, he is directed to head to the south of Jerusalem on a desert road and encounter a man riding in a chariot.  This man is reading from Isaiah, and Philip asks him whether he is understanding what he’s reading.  The man’s response is classic: “Well, how could I, unless someone guides me?”  Upon that, Philip begins to preach Jesus to him.  As they travel along, it says they came to some water.  At this, the man exclaims: “Look!  Water!  What prevents me from being baptized?”  After affirming his faith, Philip baptized him right then and there.

            No waiting required.  No special water needed.  No particular place necessary.  No hoopla; no elaborate ceremony.  Just a humble believer and some water - just enough water to be immersed into Christ.  What a beautiful thing!  What a God!

                                                            ><>  Jeff

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