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Beans and Weenies

Paul instructs us to be “always giving thanks for all things.” That often requires us to get a different perspective on those things.

Be thankful for...

...the alarm in the morning for it means you have awakened to another day of life.

...that visit to the doctor’s office for it means you live in a place in which you can get medical treatment.

...your wife’s doing some shopping on the internet for it means she isn’t out carousing at some bar.

...some rather off-key singing on Sunday morning for it means you are still able to hear.

...that pile of laundry to do for it means you have changes of clothes and a way to get them clean.

...beans and weenies for supper because it means you have food on your table tonight.

...dust on your furniture and a kitchen floor that needs mopped for it means you have a safe and comfortable place in which to live.

...your husband’s watching the game on TV for it means he’s not blowing his paycheck at the casino.

...the preacher’s rather uninspiring message on Sunday (in your estimation) for it means you can still use your mind.

...those utility bills for it means you’ve got running water, heat in the winter, lights at night and appliances for your convenience.

...your grocery bill for it means that food was available and you had money to buy it.

...tired and aching muscles in the evening for it means you were able to work and exercise during the day.

...the Lord’s chastising you for it means that He loves you.


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