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Before The Beginning

Genesis 1:1; Isaiah 43:13

Before the beginning there was nothing ... except God. When we say nothing, we mean NOTHING! This is difficult for us space and time travelers to comprehend. When we consider this “before the beginning” situation, we probably think of God just “floating” around in space somehow. But this is an incorrect picture. There was no “space” as we know it. How do we know? The word says that God “created the heavens.” This is the “space” where He put everything. The heavenly bodies came later on day four.

So, before the beginning, we have God in eternity - the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. And at some point they make a decision - to create a creature with whom they can share their life and love (Ephesians 1:4-5). In order to do that, they had to make a place for this creature to live. So, the heavens and the earth are created.

This scenario prompts a truckload of questions in us, but we wish to consider two thoughts about God Himself - His wisdom (intelligence) and His power. We have all designed and made things in our day. As kids, we drew pictures, made ornaments for the Christmas tree, or folded paper airplanes. Later on, we planted vegetable gardens, decorated cakes, built a bookshelf, did craft work, etc. But in none of these things did we imagine something entirely new. We copied and replicated things or parts of things in existence already. Not so with God. He imagined and designed things which had never existed before! From the vast and enormous to the minute and intricate, He designed. We can only stand in awe of a Mind which could imagine and design an entire eco-system with 1000's of perfectly interacting kinds of living things.

And then, He had the power to bring them all into existence from nothing - just by speaking! “Then God said, ‘Let...’” And whatever God envisioned and called into existence came to be just as He planned it - all dancing in perfect rhythm.

Consider God and His wondrous works.

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