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Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

Through Isaiah, the Lord pronounced woes upon those in Israel who redefined good and evil. Know that this was not out of ignorance but a purposeful disregarding of the word of Yahweh. The prophet writes that these people were “wise in their own eyes.” In other words, they believed they knew better than the Lord God and so devised arguments to circumvent reality and the plain word of God to accomplish their own self-serving ends.

As a result, judges were bribed. Widows were cheated in the courts. Orphans were neglected. People worshiped idols and bowed down under every green tree and on the top of every high hill. A people chosen to glorify God looked just like the nations around them.

Today, the same attitude persists: people call evil good and good evil. You have heard some of this fine-sounding rhetoric:

“What’s in your womb isn’t a human being; it’s not a child. It’s just a fetus, a glob of cells. After you go through this procedure, everything will be fine. You won’t even think about it.”

“Parents aren’t the most qualified to rear their children. The government, teachers and school psychologists know what’s best.”

“People of the same sex should be allowed to marry. If they love each other, why shouldn’t they have the same rights as everyone else? After all, what could it possibly hurt?”

“It’s only right for us to help a child “change” their sex. If they are having these urges and feelings, we should not try to stifle them. It could do them great damage.”

“Prostitution should be legalized. These ladies provide a very valuable service, and no one is really harmed.”

“Humans are descended from that first one-celled organism and are nothing but a bag of chemicals. Without free will, we are pre-programmed through our DNA just to respond to our environment.”

Beware of those who call evil good and good evil. Their speech is smooth and their arguments tricky. Know the truth.


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