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Corona Virus Slowdown

In the midst of such troubling situations as this corona virus pandemic, we search for answers. “Where is God?” “What is God doing in all of this?” “What lessons does He want us to learn?” Although we can never know for certain, it has come home to me through observation, listening to others, and considering the Word that one thing God most likely wants us to learn is to slow down and refocus on the things which truly matter.

Our helter skelter lives keep us running constantly from one activity to another. Work schedules, school schedules, kids’ activities, club meetings, church meetings ... Car needs an oil change ... Need to get to the grocery store ... Our program is on tonight - I think we have three on DVR ... Doctor appointment Tuesday ... Yours is next week ... I need to check e-mail; Did you? ... Jackie needs a new pair of shoes ... Is it time to refill your prescription? ... Did you walk the dog today? ... Remember, tomorrow I start yoga class ... I have to work Saturday ... Isn’t your mother’s birthday next week? ... I’ve got to get on-line tonight and make that order ... Gloria has been texting all day ... I need to see what’s happening on Face Book ... Were you serious about wanting to see that movie? ... Did you check the mail? ... Was that your phone or mine? ... And so it goes.

“The world is too much with us” wrote William Wordsworth about 1802 as he objected to the materialistic focus which the First Industrial Revolution brought to the world. The world will always work to exact its “pound of flesh.” The world is against us and not to be loved (1 John 2:15-16). Let’s turn this virus thing around and see it as an opportunity to refocus on and reconnect with things of greatest value: Jesus Christ Himself, your spouse, your kids, family, church family, friends, worship, prayer, the Holy Scriptures, doing good, the gospel, the glory of nature, the gifts of God...

Remember: Life isn’t about time management - it’s about what you do with your time.

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