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Giving Thanks

Paul writes that Christians should be “always giving thanks for all things.” Usually, we do a fairly good job of being thankful to God for the “big” things, such as salvation, the church, the Bible, good health, family, job, etc. But do we remember to thank Him for all of His marvelous “little” blessings, such as...

> the aroma of fresh baked bread

> a hug from someone you love

> morning light filling your bedroom; promise of a new day

> the crunch of snow under your feet

> the laughter and sounds of children playing

> the sound of dry leaves skittering down the pavement

> the fragrance of the lily of the valley

> a stirring song played by a symphony

> a zebra swallowtail grazing in your flower garden

> voices raised together in praise to God Most High

> a cool breeze on a hot summer day

> a song sparrow’s serenade

> the “Thank you so very much” said in earnest

> the first daffodil in Spring

> the smile on the face of someone who just opened your gift

> a hot shower

> a comfortable bed at the end of the day

> a steaming cup of tea

> a hummingbird at your feeder

> stars on a moonless night

> geese flying in “V” formation

> a rainbow

> a dinner table set with roast turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and beans, mac & cheese, and several pies - to which you are invited

Truly, can we say that any of God’s blessings are “little”?


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