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"I Don't Get It!"

Some of the things I see people doing I don’t understand. Believe me, I’m not implying that I have the answers to everything nor that life is a “one size fits all” proposition. But I think you, too, have observed some things which people do and have thought like me: “I don’t get it!”

For instance, I don’t get it when people weave in and out of traffic at high speeds. The risks involved with such driving tactics far outweigh any gains. I don’t get it when people tailgate. I am looking for the bumper sticker which says: Please Respect My Right to Drive the Speed Limit. And in how many accounts of fatal accidents do we read/hear: “The victim was not wearing a seat belt.” “I don’t get it.”

Here’s one I have observed more than once: While the bank is open, someone is pulled up to the ATM to get cash when a fee is almost always charged for such transactions. “I don’t get it!”

I don’t understand the Christian who feels left out from the rest of the congregation but never participates in any of the fellowship or ministries. I don’t understand the Christian who doesn’t feel close to God, but whose Bible lays closed all week and whose lips never speak a prayer. I don’t get it when people claim to be Christian, but whose lives look and sound no different from their worldly neighbors.

Solomon wrote much about “fools” by which he meant those who did not heed God’s wisdom and instruction. He said that their way was right in their own eyes, and that no one could teach them anything. On the other hand, the wise person was always open to instruction and actually applied wisdom and knowledge to what they did in life. He also said that for failing to receive instruction the fool would “be ruined.”

Made up minds - closed ears - tradition bound - “I’ll do it my way” - “We’ve always done it this way” - rushing through life in a rut - ignoring God’s plain teachings... “I don’t get it.” Do you get it?

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