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In Your Rear View Mirror

Year in and year out, the Bible tops the non-fiction best seller list. In fact, as I understand it, because of its perennial foremost position, it isn’t even put on the list anymore! By the way, have you read God’s bestseller? Cover to cover? How many times?

What is the driving force behind this phenomenon? Don’t be surprised if it isn’t God Himself. The Preacher wrote of mankind that God “has also set eternity in their heart.” We have this kind of longing within for something outside of ourselves. There is this regular urging or nudging for us to look up and out and consider where we are, how we came to be, and what our purpose is.

This “eternity” also connects with the thousands of markers which God has set in His creation. When we look into the starry expanse on a new-moon night, or see the wedge of geese on migration, or witness the birth of a babe, that “eternity” begins to resonate within us. Something is touched. Something stirs. The honest and honorable among us will begin to search for answers. Others will ignore the stirrings or bury them in mundane pursuits.

The entire phenomenon is as if we are driving our vehicles down the road of life, and every time we look in the rear view mirror God is there smiling back at us! He gives a “Here I am” wave. He’s everywhere. He’s everywhere if we just open our eyes and clean out our ears. He is in hot pursuit of each one of us for He wants every person to live eternally and not die the second death.

In another place, Jesus spoke of the most powerful marker which God has set in the world. “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.” (John 12:32) When properly understood, the drawing power of Jesus of Nazareth dying for all humanity has no equal. No wonder people buy the Book and want to know more. No wonder Jesus tells His followers to proclaim the gospel to all creation. No wonder.

Do you wonder about these things?

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