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Isn't it Time?

Moses’ life can be divided into three rather neat forty-year periods. For the first forty, he was in Egypt and blessed to live in Pharaoh’s house as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He enjoyed all the best of Egypt. This all came to an abrupt end when he went to observe his own people in slavery and killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew. As a result, he then fled to the land of Midian.

There he ingratiated himself with Reuel, the priest of Midian, who gave him one of his daughters for a wife. Moses began a family and was content to shepherd his father-in-law’s sheep for the next forty years. This was, no doubt, a rather peaceful existence with family events and the day to day chores of pasturing the sheep.

But that rather idyllic lifestyle came to an abrupt end as well when God appeared to Moses in the burning bush with his assignment for the next forty! “Go down to Egypt, lead My people out of slavery and to the land I promised to your forefathers.” Talk about a life changing event! This would be no easy task. No wonder Moses was reluctant to undertake it. And, as we know, he offered his excuses to God. “Who am I that I am able to do this?” “Whom will I say sent me down to them?” “What if they won’t believe me?” “I am not a good speaker and never have been.” Of course, God would have none of it and supplied Moses with everything he needed to accomplish the task. And He was with Moses every step of the dusty way.

That brings us to you and me. From time to time we know that the Lord is calling us to do something. Pray more? Read my Bible during the week? Send a card? Teach a class? Encourage someone? Grant forgiveness? Invite someone to the assembly? Make that phone call? Go to the ministry meeting? Have that conversation with that certain person? Get serious about...?

But we offer our excuses like Moses, don’t we? “I’m too busy ... I’m too old ... I’m too young ... I’m not ready ... She’s more qualified ... He’s got experience ... I’m afraid I’ll mess up ...”

Isn’t it time we just said “yes” to God and let Him do what He does best? He does the impossible. He’s quite good at it, you know?

><> Jeff

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