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Mistaken for Jesus?


 The story is told about a young boy in the time of the blitz in London during World War II.  The lad, a street urchin, had been wandering the lanes and alleys of the city for several days trying to find food and water just to survive.  One morning he came upon a bakery which had miraculously survived the bombings and was still in operation.  The aroma of the fresh baked bread was magnetic, overpowering, and he pressed his face against the bakery window dreaming about the various pastries on display there.

 While he was so entranced, a soldier entered the shop and began to make some purchases.  In time, two or three of the pastries disappeared from the window.

 Upon leaving the shop, the soldier saw the boy leaning against the window and immediately stopped.  The boy, sensing the soldier’s presence, turned and looked at him and then at the sack in his hand.  Not a word was said.  All was quiet on the street.

 The soldier looked down at the sack in his hand and then at the boy again.  Taking a step toward the lad, he handed it toward him.  The boy’s eyes lit up at first, but then a questioning look appeared on his face.  The soldier continued to hold out the sack.

 Finally, the boy grabbed the bag and eagerly opened it.  He stared with delight at the pastries inside and then looked up at the soldier.  “Mister,” he asked, “Are you Jesus?”


 Were you ever mistaken for Jesus?  Probably not.  Have some of the things you’ve done in life reflected those done by your Master?  I hope so.  What did He do?  He fed the hungry, encouraged the outcast, chose the lowly, healed the sick, comforted the grieving, gave hope to the hopeless, told the good news of a heavenly kingdom and life eternal, befriended the sinner, rebuked the self-righteous, prayed tor others, went about doing good...

 Jesus teaches us that when a disciple is fully trained he will be like his teacher, doing the things which his teacher did.

 Are you fully trained?  Am I?  Hmmm?


          ><>  Jeff 


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