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No Satisfying

There is just no satisfying some people. They are just like Goldilocks. “This porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. This porridge is just right ... This bed is too hard. This bed is too...” Well, you remember. Some people want everything to be “just right.” Just right, that is, according to their personal likes, beliefs and feelings. Maybe you know someone like this. Maybe you are someone like this! At times we can all be this way, but, as Christians, we need to jettison that attitude as quickly as we can (1 Timothy 6:6-8).

There are, however, some people for whom there is never a “just right.” They are just not satisfied no matter what you do or say. If the porridge is just the right temperature, then it’s not sweet enough, or it’s too lumpy, or it needs milk, or... There is no satisfying. Such people have learned to be and become complainers, grumblers, opposers, antagonizers, malcontents. You name it - they don’t like it!

Jesus encountered such people during His time on earth. He said His current generation was like that. (See our text.) They were like children at play who expected their playmates to do whatever they wanted them to do. When John the Baptist came with his survival diet and a message of repentance, they said “He has a demon!” Then when the Son of Man came eating and drinking with sinners, they called Him “a gluttonous man and a drunkard.” One holy man was too restrained; the other too friendly. Just no satisfying them

Jesus point? There could certainly be more than one, but this is plain: we are not put here to try to satisfy other people’s likes and dislikes because some people will never be satisfied. We are not to compromise the gospel or our way of living to please other people. Some folks don’t want the gospel message no matter what you say. You can tell them that God loves them and wants to give them eternal life, but they have a comeback for that. You can tell them there is a coming judgment, and they need to repent, but they have a comeback for that. There’s no satisfying them. Their defenses are up, and they won’t let the Lord in. The devil has them under his power. So sad.

Keep sharing, praying, and loving. See what God will do.

><> Jeff

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