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Packing it In

Have you ever “packed it in”? Your were convinced that there was no good reason to continue with something so you just picked up the pieces and left. We might be referring to a fishing trip when they weren’t biting and the weather turned sour, so you just packed everything up and went home. Maybe we’re talking about a business you started, but it just never got off of the ground. Everything you tried just sort of fizzled, so you finally “packed it in.”

Sometimes this happens with faith in God. A person starts out trusting the Lord, and things are going along pretty well. Then some big problem comes along or tragedy strikes. Things don’t improve. They might get worse. There seems to be no relief or hope in sight. Trust in God wanes. His promises seem empty. After a while, this individual just “packs it in.” They see no reason to continue believing in this God who has disappointed them so much.

This is what happened with the two disciples who had “packed it in” and were leaving Jerusalem. (Please read our text.) They had been convinced that Jesus was the one to “redeem Israel,” and when the chief priests delivered Him up to Pilate, and He was crucified, this was too much for them. They had “packed it in” and left town.

Now what we don’t ever want to do is give up on God. If we truly believe His promises to us, “packing it in” is not an option. If we believe He loves us; if we believe that He rules over all the earth and spirit world; if we believe that with Him all things are possible, then we will never give up trusting in our God.

Things in life can get very dark at times. Circumstances can be very grim and near to unbearable, but don’t give up on God. He is always working, and He is right there with you in the middle of your trouble. And just when you think that it’s time to “pack it in,” He will send a blessing which you never saw coming! Just ask those two who were on the road to Emmaus whose eyes were opened, and that flame ignited in their hearts again. Such are the ways of God.

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