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Power of Words

Words have meaning. Our words are powerful to bring about good or to cause evil. Too often we use our words in useless banter and aimless talk which accomplish nothing of any real importance.

People who are under the influence of the devil use their words as defense mechanisms to keep Jesus and His gospel away from themselves. If you’ve tried to talk with someone about Jesus and His gift of life, you may have heard words like these:

•“I’m beyond help.”

•“Leave me alone. I’m okay.”

•“You’re nothing but a Jesus freak.”

•“I don’t want to be someone’s project.”

•“I hate your kind.”

•“Don’t want to talk about it.”

•“You’re a Bible-thumping idiot.”

•“You think you’re better than me.”

•“That’s all a bunch of hog wash.”

•“Not now. Come back in ten years.”

•“Been there. Done that.”

•“You’re all a bunch of hypocrites.”

•“Isn’t God dead?”

•“Are there still people who believe all that stuff?”

Of course, many of these responses are complete with numerous expletives and profanities. The servant of Christ must be able to see through these “smoke screens” of words to a heart and soul which is hurting and in dire need of Jesus’ saving and transforming power. We must have the love for God and the Lord Jesus to talk of His grace to all people. We must have the love, patience, and faith to bring them face to face with Jesus and His saving and transforming gospel. We must be able to endure their negative and hateful words in order to bring them the words of life.

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