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Present in the Moment

Time and again in the gospels we read of Jesus’ healing people. He healed every kind of disease from blindness and deafness to lameness and leprosy. He cast out evil spirits. He even raised the dead! We marvel at God’s power and are thankful for His compassion. But we wish to consider this about our Lord. He was always present “in the moment.” What do we mean by that?

We have all done this, and it is a by-product of our very fast-paced world, but also of our own self-centeredness and indifference to others. Some examples. You meet a friend on the street who begins to share with you about her vacation, but you hardly hear what she says because you want to get to the bank and the grocery store. You are not “in the moment.” Your wife is relating to you the problem which one of the kids had in school that day, but you are thinking about settling into your chair to watch the big game. You’re not in the moment. After church, a good sister comes up to you to share a problem she has and to ask for prayers. Your mind is on getting home, lunch, and your Sunday afternoon nap. Not in the moment.

Jesus was always in the moment. Whomever He was with had His full attention. Every individual and group of people was important to Him. In our texts we read that Jesus healed “all” who came to Him. None were turned away. We know that at times this involved huge crowds. How easy it would have been to say: “It’s really getting late. Come back tomorrow.” Or: “We need to get to the next village before dark, but I plan to be back, Lord willing.” Or: “That’s enough for today. You can see the great power God has given Me.”

Jesus was “present in the moment” because each person mattered to Him. He loved each one. Each ailment, each problem, each teaching opportunity mattered to Him because each person was important. This is none other than the love of God.

Live “in the moment.” Otherwise you will miss the opportunities which life presents.

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