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Quiz for Spouses

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The scriptures are filled with teachings for husbands and wives about the “one flesh” relationship referenced by Jesus in Matthew 19:4-6. Here’s a little quiz for spouses to serve as a reminder and encouragement in your “one flesh” togetherness.

1) Do you make it easy or difficult for your spouse to fulfill his/her role in your marriage?

2) When you have a disagreement, are you or your spouse the first one who seeks to “work it out”?

3) Do you speak the language of God in your home, or is everything said in worldly speech?

4) Do you pray together? How often?

5) Do you really listen to your spouse and engage in open dialogue, or is real conversation absent in your relationship?

6) Is all of the family income available to meet all of the family’s needs with the consent of each one of you?

7) Husband, is your love for your wife regularly seen and heard in your home? Wife, is your respect for your husband regularly seen and heard in your home?

8) Do you see your relationship as being much greater than your own selves as it reflects the love of Christ for His church and the submitting of the church to Christ?

May the Lord bless your marriage and your family life.

><> Jeff

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