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Satan’s Deceitfulness

It is one of the major strengths of the devil - his deceitfulness. Paul tells us that he even disguises himself as an angel of light! So he writes that we should not be surprised that those who serve the devil and the flesh also engage in similar stratagems. Those who traffic in evil deeds and wicked activities will always try to downplay the bad by presenting pleasant-sounding arguments and euphemisms to attract the uninformed and unsuspecting.

Consider that what used to be called a bar or beer-joint is now smoothly labeled a pub or lounge. They might even dish up good food. Such places have “happy hour” and serve drinks with attractive names such as margarita, black Russian and pink lady. Magnanimously they encourage you to “drink responsibly” and try to blame shift by preaching “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” But never is mentioned the associated hang-overs, OVI’s, broken homes, battered wives, lost jobs, traffic injuries and deaths, addiction woes... And certainly no word is ever breathed that drunkenness and revelry are sins which will cause a person to forfeit eternal life.

Similarly, gambling of all sorts now parades under the banner of casinos, gaming resorts and race tracks. We are told such ventures provide jobs in the community, and the lottery (run by the state) provides money for seniors’ programs, schools, etc. Why, you might “hit it big” and have all of your own financial problems taken care of. “You can’t win if you don’t play!” Recently, betting on sporting events has been legalized. So now instead of rooting for your favorite team to win, you might be hoping they lose so you can win money! How’s that for twisting things up?! Broken homes, hungry children, unpaid bills, bankruptcies - these are never mentioned. The world knows how to “sell” greed and the love of money.

We could cite others. Just beware! When something is being made to look and sound really good, too good, take a closer look and listen more carefully. You will probably hear the hiss of a serpent.

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