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The Beauty of the Lord

One of the arguments for a Creator rather than random processes of natural selection is the beauty which abounds on the earth. If we’re talking “survival of the fittest,” we’d want strength, endurance, speed, agility, weaponry, et al. Beauty does not fit into such a scenario and would seem to be quite a hindrance in situations in which one creature was trying to hide from another.

Beauty is found virtually everywhere in the creation. Magnificent colors treat our eyes: flowers, birds, tropical fish, sunrises, sunsets, etc. Graceful forms add to the display: the shapes of flowers, the symmetry and designs of leaves, the wings of a butterfly. Majestic scenes force us to pause: a meadow filled with wild flowers, snow-capped mountains covered in evergreens below the tree line, the beach edging a blue ocean. In fact, we’ve all seen the pictures of the earth itself which were taken from the moon - it is a beautiful planet.

So, what would this tell us about our God who created all of this beauty for us to relish? Would He not appreciate beauty? Would He not make us to appreciate beauty? Would He not think that beauty was necessary for any number of reasons? Would this not speak about God Himself?

In his Psalm, one of the things which David asks of the Lord is “to behold the beauty of the Lord.” This is one characteristic of God which is frequently overlooked. Scripture indicates that God is radiant with beauty and resplendent in His glory. In Revelation (4:2-6), we have a vision of God being “like a jasper stone and a sardius in appearance” with a rainbow around His throne which looked as an emerald does. Before His throne is “something like a sea of glass, like crystal.” No ugliness here. Glory is beautiful.

And consider this. Don’t we see a good deed as something lovely? When the leper asked Jesus if He was willing to cleanse him and Jesus said, “I am willing,” and touched him to make him whole - wasn’t that a beautiful thing? Behold the beauty of the Lord.

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