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The Glory of God in Creation

David writes: “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” In many texts, David and others write of the wonders of God’s creation. Allow me to share some of the beauty and wonders in God’s world that I love.

> Zebra swallowtails

> Hummingbirds

> The laughter of little kids playing

> Meteors in a dark, starry sky

> That first cup of coffee in the morning

> Beautiful music

> Any of my favorite hymns

> Kittens (Nope; don’t want one)

> The aroma of bread baking

> The aroma of bacon frying

> Chocolate

> A genuine smile

> A hearty laugh

> A couple holding hands (old or young)

> A gentle snow

> A prayer from the heart

> When a scripture touches my soul

> The singing of a song sparrow

> The winter rose

> Sunsets

> A good book

> Geese in “V” formation

> The Lord’s day assembly (especially when everyone’s there)

What are some of the beauty, wonders and glory that you love in the Almighty’s creation?


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