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The Metal Detector

From time to time there is a man who comes to the field across the street from our house with his metal detector. Now this fellow is not doing this on a casual basis. He is all decked out with a belt with his digging tools, knee pads for kneeling and some other paraphernalia. And of course he has his electronic metal detecting device. (I’m not sure of the technical term for such things.)

You can watch him walking very slowly while swinging the detector back and forth over the ground. He has on earphones to listen for the machine’s signal that something has been detected. If this is the case, he’ll go to his knees and start digging around in the dirt to see what he can find. Sometimes he digs something up and puts it in a pouch he has on his belt. Sometimes he doesn’t find anything. He does this in all types of weather - even in drizzling rain.

Such metal detectors are certainly amazing pieces of equipment to be able to detect metal objects below the surface of the ground. I’ll not pretend to know the science behind it, but the people who thought up, designed, and built such technology truly have great intelligence. Even the person using the device must be able to understand how it works and be able to use it properly if it’s to be effective.

In reflecting on this fellow, I was reminded of the robin. The similarities are just too obvious to ignore. The robin walks across the ground in order to “detect” worms, grubs, etc. beneath the surface. (I’m not sure that ornithologists really know how they do it.) When it senses something, the robin stops and pecks the ground with its beak to get its dinner. Sometimes he comes up with something, and sometimes he doesn’t.

So, here’s the point.We all agree that it took a great measure of intelligence to design, assemble, and use the metal detector.Why is it that so many people, then, believe that the robin just came into being by a process of random mutations called natural selection?Why do they believe there was no intelligent Designer?

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