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Things New and Old

            We are creatures of habit.  In many ways that is good: in others, not so much.  For example, it is a good thing that we can learn to drive an automobile by using habitual actions.  When a person first learns to drive, he or she must think and concentrate deliberately on such actions as using the brake, the accelerator, steering, turn signals, etc.  But as one practices and becomes acclimated to driving, these things and many others become habit or second nature.  As a result, we are able to focus more on other traffic, signals, road signs, GPS, etc.

            In contrast, we can be so used (habituated) to taking a certain route to a certain destination that if we start out on the same route to a different destination, we might well miss the turn off for the different place if we aren’t careful.  Been there and done that!

            Such habit patterns can affect every aspect of our lives.  In our Bible study we can be so habituated to studying the same subjects, books or scriptures that we regularly turn to them to study.  We become comfortable with them because we “know” them well, and they probably give us peace and encouragement.

            On the other hand, it takes more concentrated effort to explore a topic or book or section of scripture with which we are not so familiar.  Our mind and heart are not so “tuned in” to these new learning frontiers.

            Jesus tells us that teachers who are trained for the kingdom of heaven will be aware of the need to teach both “things new and old” (see our text).  At times we need to review the foundational teachings and those things with which we are familiar.  For some people these will be new.  For others there may well be new insight, and still for others things will be reinforced.  However, new things need to be explored as well.  We should not be afraid of seldom studied topics or scriptures which seem to be more difficult than others but dig into them with much prayer, zeal and determination, knowing that they are rich with wisdom and spiritual truths, as well.

            God’s word is a treasure trove of knowledge of all sorts.  Dig deep and explore.  Spiritual gems are everywhere!

                                                            ><>  Jeff

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