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What Can I Do?

Sometimes we seem to be at a loss about what we can do personally to help the congregation grow stronger in Christ as well as grow in number. But the list of helpful things which anybody can do is virtually without limit...

1 Keep a prayer list, make some quiet time and pray daily.

2 Greet your brothers and sisters at the assembly. Visitors, too!

3 Share the good news and the hope you have with somebody.

4 Read and study the Word of God. Share what you learn.

5 Learn everyone’s name, including children, and speak to each person by name.

6 Speak enthusiastically about the congregation and its works.

7 Make a good assessment of the gifts and skills which the Lord has given to you and put them to use.

8 Thank people for what they do: the songleader, the brother who led prayer, a teacher, a shepherd, a deacon, the custodian, the preacher, the person who ministered to you...

9 Speak with and encourage the young people and children.

10 Respond to every request for help which you can.

11 Send cards of thanks, encouragement, sympathy, get well, and just to say “You are appreciated.”

12 Make phone calls to encourage those having difficulties and those who have been away from the assembly.

13 Get in touch with (visit, call, Skype, etc) the sick and shut-ins to encourage them; pray with them.

14 Speak of the great things the Lord is doing in your life.

15 Smile! (You belong to Christ!)

Jesus spoke of just giving “a cup of cold water” to a child as a blessed deed. Such “little” things we do in His name make a huge difference.

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