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What Kind of World?

            Pilate, the vicious but politically savvy governor, found no fault in Him.  More than once he told this to Jesus’ accusers.  He knew that He was guilty of no crimes, but the Jews would have none of it.  They wanted rid of Him.  Innuendos.  Accusations. “Give us Barabbas!”  “Crucify Him!”  “Crucify!”

            At one point, the Jews told Pilate: “We have a law, and by that law He ought to die because He made Himself out to be the Son of God.”  This was the law of blasphemy.  Of course, Jesus was not guilty of blasphemy, but they thought he was for He referred to God as His Father (John 5:17-18).  Nothing Jesus did had dissuaded them from holding to their law.  Not His wise and insightful teaching.  Not His numerous, wonderful, and without-a-doubt miracles.  The lame walked; the deaf heard; the blind could see; the leper came clean; the crippled were straightened; the dead lived - THE DEAD LIVED!

            What kind of world cannot see the power, the glory and the goodness in a Man who can bring a person back to life?  Back from the grave?  What kind of world hates such a man, pronounces him guilty of a crime and agitates to have him put to death?  What kind of world kills its God?   

            It is a world which takes its cues from lies and falsehoods.  It is a world driven my lusts, passions and appetites of the flesh.  It is a world running on feelings and fears.  It is a world in which every person guards their own interests and pushes others away.  It is a world where good deeds are done but for the personal advancement of the doer.  It is a world where people are manipulated and exploited for the benefit of those in power.  It is a world in which people fear and hate what they don’t understand and don’t bother to try to understand.  It is a world where the desire for personal power, fame, money, sexual indulgence and pleasure are the driving force and the measuring stick.  It is a world which makes its own rules, follows its own rules and breaks its own rules when it’s expedient.  It is a world where the devil still prowls and untruth is his weapon.

            It is the world in which we still live.  Beware!   

                                                            ><>  Jeff

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