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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Today was a day to reflect and meditate. Do you ever have one of those days? Perhaps they are of God. Surely, sometimes.

Yesterday came to mind. It was still quite clear, although some of it was already growing dim, and some forgotten. There was mostly good; some really good. We were blessed. There were some bumps and a couple of stumbles, but God saw us through. God was in the day, as He is always.

We are products of yesterdays. Did you ever consider? Our own yesterdays, in which we laughed, cried, worked, played, loved, worshiped, made choices, etc. These and a thousand other things have shaped us. But also, the yesterdays of others have shaped us as well. Things done and choices made, even by millions of other people, have helped mold us into the individuals which we are today.

Then, tomorrow entered my thinking. It is rather hazy and clouded. Many of the usual things are anticipated - things we do every day. But some things are written on our calendar which we hope to accomplish. Then there is the unknown, that which we are not able to foresee. It might be a really good thing, or not. This is the nature of tomorrow.

Nobody lives tomorrow. It is yet to be realized - a dream, a fantasy, a thought. The only sure thing of tomorrow is that God will be there. It is already in His hand.

So, we turn to today. It is this day! It is the day the Lord has made. It is truly the only day we have. Today!

In it we will accomplish the plans of yesterday, begin to fulfill dreams and encounter the unknown. In it we will make the choices, think the thoughts, speak the words and do the things which will shape us into who we are. God enabling, I will be a better person tomorrow because of what I’ve let Him do with me today.

Remember. Tomorrow, today becomes yesterday; and tomorrow becomes today.

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