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You, Me, and Money

Updated: Jan 29

            Money has been the ruin of many people.  Well, that is, the love of it and craving for it.  We have read of many who ended up destitute or in prison because of greed and the desire for more and more wealth.  But Paul’s warnings in his letter to Timothy go beyond financial ruin.  He says that because of this craving for financial wealth many have “wandered away from the faith.”  Three things relative to money come to mind which can make it so dangerous.

            First, money can give a person a sense of power.  With money, I can begin to think that I can control what happens in my life.  I can begin to “wheel and deal” and try to impress people.  I could buy a company and run it the way I want.  I can hire and fire at will.  I can control other people.  I can control my future.  Power!  

            Money can also give a person the feeling of freedom.  I am no longer tied to a budget.  I don’t have to be careful about spending.  I am free from having to be dependent: on relatives, on banks, on friends, on keeping a job.  I can get that new car, buy that diamond ring, take that vacation to exotic places.  Freedom!  

            Perhaps the most dangerous feeling which money can give a person is security.  With money, I am free from worry about financial matters.  There is no trouble paying bills, having food on the table and making loan payments.  As long as I have enough money, I can feel confident about my situation and my future.  Security!  

            These are the things about which Paul is warning his readers.  To have such views of money only cause us to want more, and consequently money becomes the god to which I look for power, freedom, and security.  Yet, the word of god teaches us that all power belongs to Christ, and He empowers His people.  The word teaches that freedom only exists when a person is free in Christ.  The word teaches that we are dependent upon the Lord for the very breath we take, and that God has promised to take care of His own.

            Beware!  The love of money is a deadly snare.

            Find your power, your freedom and your security in the Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                            ><>  Jeff

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